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Home ownership is one of the great American Dreams.  Many people aspire to own a house and/or condominium and make it their home. Homeowners take great pride in their home and take pleasure from maintaining it, and making sure it remains safe and comfortable for their families.  Enjoying our home with our families is one of the most gratifying things we take for granted each and every day.  Our homes provide us shelter, privacy, a place to eat, sleep and relax.

Almost all homeowners carry Insurance for their homes.  In Florida, most mortgage companies require that you purchase Home Owner’s Insurance, Windstorm Coverage, and in many cases Flood Coverage. In some cases, you pay your premiums into an escrow account and your mortgage company pays the Insurance carrier. In other cases, you pay your yearly or monthly premiums directly to your insurance carrier.

If your home sustained damage as a result of a Hurricane, a Wind Storm, Hail, or Fire, you would expect to be able to rely on your Home Owner’s Insurance Company to work with you in a fair and professional manner.  Unfortunately, far too often, the Insurance Carrier will look to limit its liability by denying your claim, minimizing the value of your loss, and/or inadequately compensating you for your losses.  In some cases, you own insurance carrier may even seek to blame you for your loss, or falsely accuse you of impropriety.

If you sustain damage to your house caused by fire, flood, burst pipes, Hurricane damage, windstorm damage, hail, theft, or vandalism, and your insurance company has failed to work  with you fairly and reasonably, you will need an attorney.  At the Law Offices of Comras & Comras, P.A., we are determined to make sure your insurance company doesn’t try and short change you by denying your claim or inadequately compensating you for your losses.

Your Home Owner’s Insurance policy may entitle you to monetary compensation for the replacement value of your personal belongings, damages caused to the interior of your home, damages caused to the exterior of your home, and even Hotel stays and/or temporary rental housing for the time your home is unlivable or being repaired.

Having an attorney on your side is important to make sure that you get the proper and fair monetary compensation you need to rebuild, replace, or fix the covered losses.  In many cases, the homeowner doesn’t even know the full extent of their loss, and the Insurance company will not advise you of the full extent of your loss.  Many times, homeowner simply accept whatever the insurance company offers, without realizing until much later that they were inadequately compensated.

At the Law Offices of Comras & Comras, P.A., we are happy to help you with your Home Owner’s Insurance Claim. If we accept your case, there will be no fees or costs unless we recover you money first!  Call us today for a FREE consulation and let us fight for you! (954) 765-3740.  Or you can go to the Contact Us link, and send us an email and we will call you.

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