Wrongful Deaths


It is very traumatic to unexpectedly lose a loved one or family member as a result of someone else’s negligence or accidental conduct.  At the Law Offices of Comras & Comras, P.A., we understand the pain and grief that comes with losing someone so close.  Often times in such situations, those closest need help understanding their rights as a family member and help managing the obligations that come with widing up the affairs of the deceased.  In cases involving a ‘wrongful death’ caused by negligence and accidents, you may be entitled to money damages, including loss of income and loss of companionship, payment to satisfy outstanding medical bills or funeral expenses.


At the law offices of Comras & Comras, P.A. we have both the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and to make sure that your family is taken care of after the accidental death or wrongful death of your loved one. We will handle your case no matter in which county or city in Florida you or your loved one lived.

Furthermore, since all matters are handled on a contigency fee basis, there is no fee or cost to you unless we are able to recover on your behalf.  Don’t hesitate to call our office, as there is no consultation fee or cost to you associated with speaking directly to an attorney who can handle your case. (954) 765-3740.

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